About YunLin IMC

The initial establishment of this branch was guided by Mr. Yeh Wensheng, the 29th President of the IMC Chiayi branch. In the middle of 2009, contact was made with Professor Wu Yuren of National Chung Cheng University. After sending notifications to the county government about the preparations and holding numerous small and large meetings for discussion with everyone’s assistance, the founding conference was finally held on October 10, 2009, the National Day, at the Janfusun Prince Hotel, with approximately 150 people from various branches in the province attending, making it a grand occasion.

At the conference, the presidents and members of each IMC branch prepared entertainment programs to showcase the vitality and unity of IMC members, creating a refreshing atmosphere and highlighting the differences between IMC and other organizations.

During the numerous preparatory meetings, it was learned that each branch had developed many activities and competitions over time to facilitate mutual connections and unity among members, which was inspiring! This also made our branch look forward to growing and flourishing like other branches in the future, even surpassing them!

The current President of the Federation of the IMC of YunLin

Lin, Jun Sheng

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The Federation of the International Management Council of Yun-Lin

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